Jual Produk Keramik Platinum Surabaya

AJ BANGUNAN SURABAYA - Distributor Keramik Platinum Surabaya yang berlokasi di surabaya dengan harga yang sangat murah #BJgallerysurabaya banyak promo Jual Keramik Platinum murah Surabaya Granite Indogress, Granit Marco, Decogress, Niro Granit, Granit Serenity, Granito, Granit Luana, Roman Granit, Asia Tile dan masih banyak lagi di Showroom kami di Jl.baliwerti 50 B alon-alon contong bubutan kota surabaya.

Harga Keramik Platinum Murah dengan Kualitas yang sangat Baik dengan Design Granit Kami siap Membantu Kebutuhan Customer secara terperinci.

PT Platinum Ceramics Industry (PT PCI) is a leading ceramic tiles manufacturer that puts quality and innovation of its products ahead. Established in October 19, 1971, we were firstly known as PT Asia Industri Keramik. We have produced many varieties of ceramic tiles for floors, walls, and decorations with the best quality and has been distributed towards millions of our customers around the world.

PT PCI owns two widely know brands: Platinum Ceramics and Asia Tile. All of our products under our brands put forward a high standard in manufacturing process through continuous innovations and emphasize on consistence of quality. Our factory is the first ceramic tiles factory in Indonesia that uses digital automation machine with modern technology to produce ceramic tiles. All of our product range has passed the based on the SNI & EN standard from LPBPK Bandung Laboratory as well as overseas.

We are committed in presenting latest products by forming a research team that attends important world-class trade show on a daily basis in order to stay current within the international trends in terms of design, style, end process, and application. These efforts are made to serve the best products for our customers’ satisfaction.

Our products have been used in many housings, hotels, office, malls, and various other projects. We provide Project Support Team to recommend specific suitable products, colors and design for each project towards developers, architects, and contractors. We also provide Customer Support Hotline to handle every requirement and complaints from customers, by giving guarantee in the form of response and solutions for the submitted inquiries regarding Platinum Ceramics Industry in general.

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